Do not buy weed killer on large scale for residential use

Everyone who is working with the fields or the barren lands are used to the strong chemicals that kill the worms and insects that are likely to harm the product. Hence forth, when you ask for the weed killer make sure that you would not ask the farmers as they may suggest you on the grounds of increasing the yield of the crops which would not match to your scenario. You should and must understand the fact that you need only small amount of weed killer that would just suffice for the lawn that you are growing with utmost care.


You could choose those  lawn weed control  products that would not trouble the people who are walking early in the morning around the jogging path that is set by the builder in the colony in which the houses are built in a sequence. If you are part of the association then you should ensure that everyone is informed of the cleaning process that is being done in the lawn so that they do not go close by and by any chance get any sort of respiratory problems because of the mild smell that comes out of the weed killers that are used on the lawn.


When everyone want to see the premises to be green and clean, then they should be able to withstand a little of inconvenience that comes from spraying the weed killer. You could either hire a separate person who is expert at spraying liquids or else ask the gardener to manage spraying this product in the lawn. You could also ask the gardener to stay away from the lawn for a day or two days so that he is also not infected by any chance because of the weed killer.