Curtains: What to Use and Where to Use them in your Home

The thought of decorating our home sweetie home can both be an exhilarating and daunting process. Exhilarating because you get to design the way every nook and cranny of your home the way you like it. Daunting because the mere thought of colour coordination and arrangement have to be considered to make everything look nice. Plus, you have to consider the kind of Curtains to be used to complete the set up. The question is, do you know what type of curtains to use for the different rooms inside your home?

First off, let us go to the living room. Utmost importance with regards to the arrangement of the furniture and incorporating the appropriate type of Curtains as this is the area where first impressions are often made. To create the feeling of openness while maintaining privacy, Sheer Curtains can be used in this area. These kind of curtains are usually used as a secondary curtains over the blinds. As such, the blinds can be used to block out the light, and they can be pulled back to reveal the sheers and allow light inside the room. To make the room more formal, you can encase the sheer curtain with a pelmet to hide the curtain rod and the wall joinery. Pinch Pleated curtains can also be used if you want to maintain the formal vibe without affecting the decorative look of the room.

For the dining room and other more formal rooms inside your home, say the lounge or study room, you can make use Box Pleated Curtains. From the name itself, this pleats are formed into a box by creating deep folds down the whole length of the curtain. With the box shapes lined next to each other, a formal pleated look is achieved.

Do we still have to place curtains inside the bathroom as well? Why certainly yes, especially if you have a very limited space and you just cramp the toilet and the bathing area in one room. This is where the Eyelet curtains, otherwise known as Grommet curtains, comes in. Named as such due to the silver rings at the header part of the rod, light to medium weight fabrics can be used for this kind of curtain. This kind of curtain hangs easily and is very easy to open, as such, making it an ideal curtain in this area. However, eyelet curtains can also be used in kids’ bedrooms, or for a modern style bedroom. Just depends on the eye of the beholder to be exact.

And now, for the bedroom. Well, it depends on how one would actually want their bedroom to look like. If one wants the modern type of bedroom, as I’ve said earlier, eyelet curtains can be used. If you want a carefree look to your personal area, sheer curtains can be used to achieve the feel. To add a decorative feel to the room, Pelmets and Valances can be used. These are used to hide the curtain fixtures at the top part of the window.

With all these in mind, decorating your home will certainly be a much more exciting task to look forward to.